Power underfoot: EU trialling solar footpath

PLATIO's solar pavers laid as a solar footpath on a street in the Netherlands
PLATIO's solar pavers are being used by the EU in a solar footpath trial

As part of its recently launched Making City project, the European Union (EU) is trialling a new solar footpath in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. 

The 400sqm solar pavement path is a sustainable walkway created using 2,544 PLATIO solar pavers made from recycled plastic waste that produces approximately 53,000kWh of electricity per year. 

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The green energy produced by PLATIO’s solar footpath powers the municipality’s city hall, making the building more sustainable. Now Kolenkade, the street where previously coal used to be brought for energy, has become an energy-generating street.   

The experiment is part of the European Union’s Making City project, which aims to develop Positive Energy Districts (PED), demonstrating the potential of innovative solutions to tackle climate-neutral goals.

PLATIO CEO András Sebők said, “The solar pavers are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pavings, as they are a source of renewable energy and do not emit greenhouse gases. This 400sqm solar pavement installation has a projected yearly production volume of 53,000kW and offsets approximately 18 tons of CO2.  

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“PLATIO pavers can be the cornerstone of a carbon-neutral future, as a green building material that contributes to reducing carbon emissions in buildings. The product itself is a net-zero building material. Now, this solar path powers a public building, but communities can use this technology for other uses as well, as it can power buildings and any outdoor utensils as well. We appreciate the opportunity to be integrated into the Making City project, we do hope this installation will fulfil and tackle the climate-neutral goals of Groningen.”  

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