POLL: Majority of Australians want clean energy target

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Three-quarters (77 per cent) of Australians recognise the importance of a clean energy target (CET), according to a new poll by the Climate Council.

The CET was the key recommendation in the Alan Finkel’s review into the security of the NEM, and is the only recommendation out of 50 not to be accepted by the federal government.

The poll revealed public support for a CET is present across the political spectrum, and felt most strongly by young people.

Eighty-three per cent of people aged between 18-24 years old said a CET was important; 61 per cent of Liberal voters also agreed it was important; and only 4 per cent said they were unsure if the government should implement a CET.

“The public opinion is very clear – renewable energy technologies are the most affordable, reliable, way to power our 21st century economy,” Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said.

“Every day that national action is delayed is a day wasted.”

In his review, Dr Finkel also recommended the government establish a clear, long-term energy policy.

However, more than half of Australians (56 per cent) do not believe the federal government has a long-term plan in place for energy.

“The lack of policy planning on energy, has led to years of price increases, supply concerns and rising pollution; creating a crisis of trust amongst the public,” Ms McKenzie said.

Australians aged between 25-34 years old were found to be the most frustrated by the lack of policy with two-thirds (66 per cent) of that age group not believing the government had a clear long-term energy policy in place.

ReachTEL conducted the survey of 2176 residents across Australia.