Planning stage ticked for Central-West Orana REZ

wind turbines against golden sky with wild grass in the foreground (aula energy)
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The Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) transmission project has recently secured crucial planning approval.

This is the first REZ in Australia to reach this critical step, and a major milestone for the nation’s renewable energy future.

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The approval follows extensive technical planning and ongoing community consultation activities, including an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) exhibited in late 2023 which outlines measures to minimise any environmental and community impacts.

As part of the ACEREZ consortium, ACCIONA, alongside Cobra and Endeavour Energy, has been selected by EnergyCo to design, finance, build, and operate this landmark green power grid.

When complete, the transmission infrastructure will deliver at least 4.5GW of renewable electricity to significantly boost the region’s renewable energy capacity.

ACCIONA has also been selected to construct the Humelink East transmission line in New South Wales, with joint venture partner Genus.

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NSW Minister for Climate Change and Energy Penny Sharpe said, “This is the first REZ Transmission Project in the country to obtain planning approval, paving the way for a significant boost in renewable energy generation to replace aging coal-fired power stations.

“It’s not just about clean energy. This project will bring long-term financial benefits to both NSW electricity consumers and the local communities which will host the Central-West Orana REZ.”

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