Pilbara roll-outs advanced meter exchange

The roll out of advanced meters across regional Western Australia is two thirds complete with more than 7500 advanced meters installed in Port Hedland and some smaller Pilbara towns since July.

The Pilbara roll out has been very successful, with more than 95 per cent of our customers surveyed reporting the free meter exchange was very professional.

The project is funded by the State Government as part of its commitment to regional Western Australia and will result in new meters being installed across Horizon Power’s vast service area of 2.3 million square kilometres. There is no charge to Horizon Power customers for the new meters or their installation, thanks to government funding.

The new meters automatically read electricity consumption which East Pilbara retail manager Noeleen McCann said will provide more accurate and timely billing for customers.

“There are so many benefits of these new meters, faster fault restoration times, more timely and accurate billing as the automated meters means estimated bills will largely be a thing of the past and reduced business costs,” Ms McCann said.

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