Partnership reinforces engineering excellence

South Australian transmitter ElectraNet formalised a partnership with Engineers Australia, supporting the Engineers Australia Professional Development Program (PDP).

The official agreement was signed by ElectraNet CEO Ian Stirling and Engineers Australia president Gerry Doyle in July, and will enable engineers to achieve chartered status.

“The PDP benefits both the participant and ElectraNet, as the participant receives an internationally recognised badge of competence, benchmarked and transferable with standards applicable throughout Australia and in other parts of the world,” Mr Stirling said.

“ElectraNet benefits from building a well-rounded and highly competent engineering capability, enabling us to better meet our strategic objectives and help develop the career potential of engineering staff.

“The requirement for engineers to meet specific competencies within the PDP ensures our engineers are highly competent, ethical and well-rounded professionals.”

Mr Doyle said the PDP is an important tool that will be instrumental in attracting, retaining and developing professional engineering and engineering related staff.

“Engineers Australia is working towards ensuring that in the future, only registered engineers can sign off on engineering drawings. Although a change to legislation may be several years away in South Australia, it is heartening to see ElectraNet put proactive plans in place to pre-empt this move,” Mr Doyle said.

“ElectraNet joins many other organisations in the industry, including ETSA Utilities (SA Power Networks), Parsons Brinkerhoff (PB), ABB Australia, AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator), Tenix, Transgrid, Western Power, Alstom and Powerlink who are in various stages of implementing a similar agreement,” Mr Doyle said.

Participants must be members of Engineers Australia, and must demonstrate competency in 16 specific elements, which are to be addressed in the form of an engineering competency claim.

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