Out with a bang: Frisky kookaburras cause major power outage


By Nichola Davies

Two kookaburras are no longer laughing after fornicating too close to the power lines, causing a widespread power outage in Perth this week.

More than 1000 homes in Perth’s northern suburbs had their power cut around 4pm thanks to the pair’s afternoon delight, which began at the top of the power pole.

Fairfax reported a man who was out walking his dog near the corner of Albion Place and Fair Lane Drive in Carine saw the X-rated scene unfold before his eyes.

The fires of passion weren’t the only sparks between the two, with the witness reporting there were two “big blue flashes”, accompanied by two loud bangs.

The bangs and flashes were likely the sound of the wires interacting with the duo, frying them with hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity.

Western Power spokesman Paul Entwistle said crews were sent to the scene to assess the damage, commenting on the matter like an absolute legend.

“It seems to be a case of a couple of lovebirds who have made the wrong connection, unfortunately,” he said.

Mr Entwistle added that power was restored quickly, and perhaps the birds flew a little close to the sun.

“I think generally from these sorts of incidents, the network comes out trumps but the birds seldom do,” he said.

A tale that could be bigger than Romeo & Juliet; may these wire crossed lovers rest in peace.

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