Origin launches Australian-first DIY online solar tool

Solar panels on roof (online solar tool)
Image: Shutterstock

Origin, in collaboration with Accenture and Google Cloud, has launched an Australian-first DIY online solar tool that uses 3D data, visual AI and advanced analytics to provide customers with quick, accurate and tailored recommendations of how solar will perform on their rooftops and their potential savings within 10 minutes.

Origin general manager of retail sales and marketing Duncan Permezel said, “This market-leading technology will save customers time by providing them with a quick assessment of how solar will support their household’s energy requirements, including how much it will cost to install and how much they can potentially save.

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“The tailored and detailed nature of the solution makes it easy for customers to understand the potential benefits of solar energy for their home and make an informed decision about what’s best for them.”

Available now for customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra metropolitan areas, the platform uses machine learning to calculate the most suitable solar product for any household. 

Calculations are based on details including roof pitch, area and shading from obstructions, coupled with insights on specific household energy consumption. 

The solution was developed by Origin in collaboration with Accenture, whose data scientists designed and deployed it, working closely with Google Cloud. 

The platform can provide customers with solar power generation forecasts, system and installation costs, potential energy and bill savings, and details on the investment break-even point, providing a complete assessment of the merits of a potential investment in solar panels. 

“Previously, prospective solar customers would need to speak with a sales agent and schedule a site inspection to gain this level of personalisation and detail in their quote, a process which can sometimes take weeks,” Permezel said. 

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“For customers who would prefer to chat to a solar expert or have someone visit their home to inspect their roof, that level of service is still something we provide. This DIY online solar platform is another way that we are trying to make it easier for more customers to access cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy solutions.” 

Customers in serviceable areas interested in learning more about whether their home is suitable for solar and what their potential costs and savings could look like can find the Origin Solar Assessment Tool by entering their address and following the prompts at  www.originenergy.com.au/solar/quote 

1 Figure sourced from Australian Government Positive Energy Solar