Onslow microgrid project stage two underway

Onslow Solar Farm

The WA Government has launched the Onslow Renewable Energy Pilot, which represents stage two of one of Australia’s leading-edge microgrid projects.

This follows the opening of stage one in July 2018, which comprises a gas-fired power station and associated infrastructure.

The pilot will integrate solar panel and battery storage systems with traditional energy sources to maximise the amount of renewable energy in Onslow’s microgrid.

Horizon Power has signed a contract with Western Australian company Mechanical Project Services to deliver and install the solar and battery storage systems to Onslow customers.

Once installed, the systems will be integrated with Horizon Power’s Distributed Energy Resources Management System.

The pilot also includes a bulk, centralised, one-megawatt solar farm and a one megawatt-hour network battery, which will help supply the town from May 2019.

Under its State Development Agreement, Chevron’s Wheatstone Project has provided a financial contribution for Horizon Power to build the power infrastructure for both stages.

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