Offshore Halladale/Speculant fields come online

Origin Energy Limited (Origin) has announced the offshore Halladale/Speculant fields in the Otway Basin have come online.

The 100 per cent Origin-owned Halladale/Speculant project is expected to boost production at the Otway Gas Plant by up to 80TJ/day and drive growth in underlying EBITDA from FY2017 onwards.

“Gas has a growing role both as a lower emissions replacement for coal and providing reliability to support growth in renewables and the Halladale/Speculant project will support that growing demand,” Origin Integrated Gas CEO David Baldwin said.

Delivered in two parts, the Halladale/Speculant project involved:

  • Drilling from a land base (30km east of Warrnambool) to access offshore reservoirs locations 5km off the coast in the Otway Basin;
  • Construction of the new 33km Halladale/Speculant pipeline, connecting the well site to the Otway Gas Plant.

“Our strategy is connecting resources to markets and we are delighted that Halladale/Speculant will contribute to domestic gas supply and support the growth in renewables,” Mr Baldwin said.