Not again: Ausgrid crews rescue another felonious feline


Ausgrid workers were called to rescue one very lucky cat that managed to get stuck at the top of a distribution pole, dangerously close to multiple live powerlines in Ramsgate this week. 

The kitty’s owners were waiting anxiously below the powerpole when the Ausgrid crew arrived to de-energise the powerlines before conducting the rescue. 

Lineworker Michael Ryan has witnessed a cat rescue only once before at Ausgrid, but this time it was his turn to go up in the cherry picker to collect the lucky feline. 

“I’m surprised it didn’t get a shock to be honest, it was sitting in between two live conductors and it was moving around a lot. It was about 10 centimetres away from being zapped, we couldn’t get there soon enough.” 

“We had to turn the power off for our safety while doing the job and for the cat’s safety too. 

“I called out to it and said it would be okay. When I got closer to it I just grabbed it and hugged it to me. It was surprisingly fine, just sitting in my arms. When I got closer to the ground it started freaking out a bit. 

The cat mid-freak-out

“The owner was very happy to get his cat back. He said ‘I wish I could buy you a beer, but I know you just started work’. 

“I was just relieved we got it down safely for the owner – it was a close call for that cat.” 

It’s the second time in five weeks Ausgrid crews have been called to rescue a cat, after daredevil feline Frankie climbed atop a powerpole in Matraville in June. 

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