Next step for consumer data right in energy


The ACCC is progressing what it says is the most reliable, secure and efficient way to share data with energy service providers under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) reforms, bringing consumers one step closer to being able to better determine the right energy plan for them.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) “gateway model” has been chosen as the preferred data access model, with details outlined in a paper published today. Under this model, AEMO provides data on consumer’s current electricity arrangements from their current provider to trusted third parties when authorised by the consumer.

“Sharing information such as a household’s current energy deal and consumption pattern with other energy service providers will enable a consumer to find the best deal for them,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

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“This will enhance transparency and put consumers into the driving seat when it comes to comparing confusing deals, so they can find new and innovative offers that best suit them.”


The ACCC compared three data access models and consulted with stakeholders before reaching its decision.

“The gateway model best balances functionality, cost effectiveness, flexibility and security, while also leveraging AEMO’s data and IT expertise. It allows AEMO to facilitate the rollout of the CDR to the energy sector, helping to reduce implementation costs particularly for smaller energy retailers,” Ms Court said.

The ACCC will now develop rules to accommodate energy-specific arrangements, including appropriate authorisation and authentication models. The ACCC will continue to consult with stakeholders on the next stages in the development of the CDR.

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