New Tritium partnership in sunny California


To expand DC fast charging locations in urban areas throughout California, Tritium and EvGateway have partnered on a new project in a popular retail centre in Orange County’s Buena Park.

The property is owned and operated by EVForce and features four of Tritium’s award winning RT50/50kW DC Fast Chargers. The high-traffic shopping area features several name-brand retail stores and now provides electric vehicle (EV) drivers with energy freedom and efficient and expedient charging solutions while they shop.

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EvGateway president Reddy Marri said, “Growing DC fast charging locations in urban areas is an important step in furthering EV adoption. Our EV charging station management network helps bridge the gap between drivers and charging station installations.

“Tritium’s stellar customer support team works alongside our site manager to track data in real-time and observe charging trends to identify future improvements. It is important for us to have customer support 24/7 and a system that is cost-effective to upgrade, which is what we get with our partnership with Tritium.” 

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Tritium’s RT50/50kW DC fast charger is lightweight and recognised for its slimline design and has the world’s smallest footprint, making it easy to install in tight spaces, giving drivers an effortless charging experience when they are traveling or shopping. Tritium’s RT50/50kW DC fast charger has reduced set-up costs and faster installation time, so charging services are offered at an unprecedented rate and superior charging experience compared to the AC chargers drivers are used to. In addition, EvGateway has 24-hour access to Tritium’s robust customer support system, which includes access to data analytics, call centers, and technical experts. 

While EvGateway coordinates with utilities and manages the charging installation for EVForce, their software also helps EV drivers manage transactions, make payments and report any technical issues to Tritium’s support team.

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