New solar farm registered in West Murray Zone

West Murray Zone

A major step forward in the West Murray Zone was achieved with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) granting registration for the RWE Renewables-owned Limondale 1, a 220-megawatt alternative current (AC) solar photovoltaic (PV) farm, located near Balranald in south-west New South Wales.

In April 2020, AEMO lifted the generation constraints on five West Murray solar PV farms with the successful implementation of a new solution to voltage oscillations, which was developed in close collaboration with industry. This allowed AEMO to progress assessments of new generation projects in the West Murray Zone.

AEMO’s chief system design and Engineering Officer, Alex Wonhas, said that Limondale’s registration is another milestone towards unlocking new generation in the West Murray Zone.

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“AEMO congratulates RWE Renewable in achieving registration for the Limondale 1 solar PV farm and recognises the company’s collaborative and responsive approach through the connection process to registration,” he said.

“While the West Murray Zones presents very challenging network conditions, the collective efforts from across the industry and TransGrid in working with AEMO is helping address these emergent grid performance and stability issues.”

The Limondale solar PV plant consists of Limondale 1 and 2, which includes of approximately 872,000 panels and an export capacity of 249MW AC.

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RWE Renewables Senior Asset Manager, Peter Veljkovic, said: “Limondale Solar Farm would like to acknowledge the hard work of all parties involved to achieve this significant milestone.

“The hard work, collective effort and collaborative approach utilised by AEMO and TransGrid, throughout this process, has been fundamental in achieving registration,” Mr Wonhas said.

“Limondale Solar Farm thanks all those involved especially the site construction teams and our advisors and suppliers all of which have been crucial in achieving this milestone.”

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