New partnership to save households with solar money

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Australian solar and battery systems provider Evergen has teamed up with digital energy technology company Wattachers, bringing their cloud-based technologies together to help lower bills for Aussie homes and businesses.

The partnership offers Evergen customers the full suite of solar and battery installation plus software to monitor and optimise appliances behind-the-meter, enabling them to make better choices about how they consume electricity. It will enhance the availability of real-time data and allow both brands to access and capitalise on emerging market opportunities – targeting residential and mercial consumers throughout the country.

Evergen is the first company in Australia that has developed world-leading software to monitor its customers’ energy usage and optimise it programmatically, in particular when to import power from the grid to top up your battery and when to store power in your battery from the sun. Wattwatchers focuses on behind-the-meter controls to actively switch on and off high-power use items such as hot water systems and will allow Evergen’s intelligent algorithm to determine whether the hot water needs to be charged via solar or the grid, depending on time of day and household usage.

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Evergen CEO Ben Hutt said centralised coal-powered grids are not only bad for the environment but also bad for the economy and no longer makes any sense.

“Our customers are already saving on average 76 per cent on their energy costs. By incorporating Wattwatchers into our solution stack and integrating Wattwatchers cloud infrastructure, we anticipate our customers will see an increase in average savings on their energy costs closer to 90 per cent,” Mr Hutt said.

CEO of Wattwatchers Mr Gavin Dietz said that real-time energy data through the cloud was beginning to re-define how consumers could engage with the electricity system.

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“The Wattwatchers team sees this opportunity to work with Evergen as a powerful reinforcement of our belief in data-driven solutions being a vital component of the clean energy transition. Data is the way grid operators and service aggregators can connect millions of rooftop solar installations, battery storage systems and controllable loads, and make DER and demand response work for electricity grids as well as consumers,” Mr Dietz said.

Evergen is Australia’s first, next-generation, intelligent home energy management system, that arose from a collaboration between CSIRO and AMP Capital with a vision to lower the cost of energy to all Australians, using clean, renewable power and intelligent technology developed and tested over several years by CSIRO.