New partnership to help decarbonise property sector

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A new, Australian-first partnership between behind-the-meter renewable energy owner and operator Solar Bay and real asset manager ESR Australia will see up to $500 million invested in renewable energy infrastructure over the next decade.

The partnership will enable ESR Australia to meet both current and future demand from its customers for renewable energy solutions, deploying up to $500 million over the next 10 years to deliver up to 50MW of solar panels, 300MW of battery storage capacity and EV charging infrastructure.

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The partnership will facilitate the installation of renewable energy infrastructure across ESR’s portfolio, with potential to install up to 125,000 solar panels to achieve the 50MW target.

ESR Australia CEO Phil Pearce said the partnership would expand ESR’s sustainability footprint, while furthering ambitions to deliver a positive contribution to the environment and the broader community.

“It is imperative for ESR to future-proof its assets with consideration of environmental sustainability, and this significant investment into renewable energy infrastructure across our growing portfolio will ensure the continued viability of our operations and those of our customers.

“We are delighted to partner with Solar Bay, an organisation at the forefront of Australia’s renewable energy technology and infrastructure.

“ESR Australia will draw on Solar Bay’s expertise in technologies such as embedded networks, rooftop solar, electric vehicle charging, battery storage, and broader renewable energy solutions to deliver infrastructure that addresses our customers’ energy needs today and into the future.

“Our customers’ energy requirements have grown significantly due to the uptake of electric-powered automation and are set to grow with the further adoption of technology and the take up of electric vehicles.

“Through the provision of clean energy, we are seeking to alleviate pressure on our customers from growing energy costs, while mitigating the environmental impact of the increasing electrification of operations.”

Solar Bay director and co-founder James Doyle said this first-of-its-kind partnership would create a new blueprint for decarbonising the Australian property sector.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with ESR to deliver innovative, forward-thinking, renewable energy solutions for their substantial portfolio of properties and customers.

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“Through managing the development, design and installation of customised renewable energy infrastructure, Solar Bay will provide existing and future ESR customers tailored technology solutions that meet their individual business needs.

“The multi-year partnership also allows us to maximise renewable energy penetration across ESR’s development pipeline by implementing innovative electrification solutions like embedded networks during the build stage, giving customers access to cost-competitive, 100% renewable energy.”


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