New look for Energy Networks Australia

Energy Networks Australia has unveiled a brand new look.

The organisation was formed in January after a merger between Energy Networks Association and Grid Australia, creating a single voice for the energy network sector.

Chief executive officer John Bradley said while it was a subtle difference, the new look meant a lot to the organisation.

“It is a deliberate reflection that what we do as an organisation is not about the association, it is about connecting the Australian community and our customers – with a focus on the future of energy for us all,” Mr Bradley said.

“Australia’s electricity distribution networks are enabling households to connect to new technology and services, linking not just with the network but with their neighbour.

“More than wires, poles and pipelines, the network that the Australian community has invested in is an essential part of a future that connects us all and provides more choice in how we all use, and increasingly, produce, energy.

“The Australian community is investing in a smart, connected future, and so are we.”

Before the merger, the Energy Networks Association represented Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution businesses from 2004.

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