New Clean Energy Regulator chair appointed

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The Clean Energy Regulator has appointed David Parker AM as the new chair of the agency.

Mr Parker will replace Chloe Munro who completed her five-year term on March 31.

Acting chair Jody Swirepik said Mr Parker had the relevant skills and experience required to lead the agency through the next chapter of climate policy in Australia.

“As a senior Commonwealth public servant, Mr Parker has had responsibility for climate change policy and a long professional involvement in energy markets and regulatory matters,” Ms Swirepik said.

“He is widely respected across many industries, having worked on some of the country’s most critical issues over the last two decades.

“We’re very pleased to welcome a strong pair of hands who has a track record of driving effective implementation and managing complex reforms.”

The agency also welcomes the reappointment of Anne Brown and Virginia Malley as members of the Regulator for three years.

“Anne and Virginia have provided guidance and support to the agency as members of the Regulator since 2012; their reappointment is very welcomed,” Ms Swirepik said.

Ms Swirepik commended Ms Munro’s leadership in her role.

“Ms Munro was a driving force for our agency and for good public policy in the climate and energy sectors in Australia,” she said.

Mr Parker will begin his role at the beginning of July.