Nectr takes solar + battery offer to Australia’s capital

Aerial shot of homes with rooftop solar panels (hanwha energy australia)
Image: Nectr

ACT households are now a step closer to affordable energy independence, thanks to award-winning energy retailer Nectr launching solar and solar + battery energy bundles. 

Currently, the ACT Government provides generous solar and battery rebates—as well as financial incentives—to cut the cost of installing solar power systems and home energy storage. With only 20 per cent of homes in the ACT having rooftop solar plus the rising electricity costs, more Canberrans are considering household solar and battery options.

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Nectr’s latest solar and solar + battery energy bundles include competitive electricity rates, shorter contract periods, premium and performance-based hardware and simple monthly payment plans. 

“ACT aims to have 100 per cent of electricity supply sourced from renewables plus is leading the way on promoting the purchase of electric cars, which aligns with Nectr’s vision for Australia becoming a global leader and supporter in renewable energy,” Nectr managing director Andrew Butler said.  

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“That’s why we’re supporting the ACT’s renewables goal by launching Nectr’s solar and solar + battery energy bundles in this market. Nectr’s new energy bundles will enable ACT residents to harness and store the power of the sun to use in their household when they need it, particularly during peak periods, and minimise energy drawn from the grid.”

With an Australian based customer care team and a commitment to support Australians in reducing their energy bills by tapping into renewable energy sources, Nectr’s solar and solar + battery energy bundles offer ACT residents the power to take charge of their energy consumption with cleaner, greener forms of energy.

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