Nectr and Tesla team up to deliver energy storage solutions

Tesla Powerwall2 installed in modern home
Tesla Powerwall

Australian electricity retailer Nectr has joined with leading home battery manufacturer Tesla to deliver home energy storage solutions and new plans to help lower household power bills.

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Tesla’s Powerwall2, is now part of the suite of home batteries offered as part of Nectr’s solar and battery bundles. In addition, Nectr has now launched Nectr Evolve—a virtual power plant (VPP) that represents the next evolution of clean, green, and sustainable energy solutions for Australian homeowners.

Nectr Evolve is an ecosystem of multiple solar and battery systems across various homes on Nectr’s VPP plans, to create a network that can efficiently store, and distribute renewable energy. It also optimises the efficiency of home batteries and trades unused energy during times of peak demand to contribute to a more stable and cleaner grid system.

Coupling Nectr Evolve’s VPP plans—Nectr BEEyond and Nectr Plan BEE—with compatible home batteries, owners can benefit from more affordable energy and support Australia’s energy network. With a broader suite of home batteries available under Nectr Evolve, homeowners have greater flexibility to choose a system that suits their storage needs.

Nectr managing director Tae Hong Kim said, “With Nectr, Australian homeowners have access to a wide array of high-quality solar and battery products such as Tesla’s Powerwall2, financing options and choices of VPP plans for existing or new battery systems.

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“Now that Australia’s most popular battery storage brand is on board with Nectr, we aim to help more homeowners understand how VPP technologies, such as Nectr Evolve, can make energy more affordable and contribute to the nation’s broader shift to renewable energy.”

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