National project to create zero-emission homes and offices

Australia’s leading researchers are working with industry on a project to make solar energy more competitive for consumers.

The Australian Solar Institute (ASI) joined the Federal Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP at the Australian National University for the launch of the $9.5 million project, supported by a $3.2 million ASI grant.

ASI CEO, Mark Twidell said researchers at the ANU, CSIRO and University of NSW are working with industry partners, Chromasun and NEP Solar, to develop one product that will convert solar energy into both thermal and electrical energy for homes and commercial and industrial buildings.

“This project offers great potential to make solar energy competitive by delivering solar-driven electricity, heating and cooling from one system direct to where it will be used at a price that competes with traditional retail energy,” Mr Twidell said.

“The innovation combines the best of Australian solar photovoltaic technology and solar thermal technology to deliver a cost-effective complete solar energy solution for homes and businesses.

“Ultimately, this innovation could pave the way for millions of zero emission buildings across Australia and the world.”

Mr Twidell said the project builds on Australia’s world-leading solar technology record.

“Australia is a leader in solar innovation and is playing a key role in the global challenge to convert the free, infinite resource into cost-effective, competitive energy that can be deployed on commercial terms.”

“Supporting projects such as this will help Australia remain at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry.”

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