Murdoch helps power green cities of the future


Murdoch University is playing a key role in a major trial of new technology designed to provide cities of the future with sustainable energy and water.

The technology will integrate data from linked energy and water systems in the new Knutsford Urban Village development in Fremantle.

Highly resilient, low carbon and low cost systems will be installed and connected in the new development to generate sustainable, clean energy and fresh water in a collaboration with academic, infrastructure and technology partners.

Academic chair of environmental engineering Dr Martin Anda said Murdoch University would provide research support on alternative district water supply and storage schemes that will be used to provide water, capacity and ancillary services.

The surplus energy produced by the system can even be bought and sold across project partner Power Ledger’s blockchain trading platform.

“It is an exciting opportunity for Western Australia to develop and trial a novel, sustainable water smart grid on a precinct-scale to help residents and business reduce their water usage,” Dr Anda said.

Funding for the project, known as ReNew, has come from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities program.

Residents will benefit from a range of new assets including a 5MW solar PV plant, rooftop solar PV panels, community battery storage 1MW, an electric vehicle charging station and new water storage and treatment systems.

Significantly, the plans for onsite water treatment systems, which use rainwater capture and wastewater recycling, will defer the need for a $3 million upgrade of ageing water distribution infrastructure at the Knutsford precinct.

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