Muja C Power Station retirement delayed by six months

Muja power station in WA (state coal)
Muja Power Station

Retirement of Unit 6 at Muja C coal-fired power station will be pushed back by six months to ensure Western Australia’s Synergy can copy with high demand during the 2024-25 summer period, in line with updated forecasts by the independent Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

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Muja C Unit 6 was previously scheduled to be retired in October 2024, as part of the WA Government’s phased transition to retire all state coal-fired power stations by 2030 and meet its net zero emissions target by 2050.

Synergy’s Unit 6 in Collie will be placed on reserve outage mode from October 1 2024 until April 1, 2025.

During reserve outage mode, AEMO will be able to request with three days’ notice that Unit 6 be made available for significant peak demand events.

This will not impact the planned retirement of the state’s remaining coal-fired units by 2030, with Collie and Muja Power Stations scheduled to close in 2027 and 2029 respectively.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston said, “The Cook Government is adapting to the changing energy landscape to ensure a secure energy supply for residents.

“Putting Unit 6 at Muja in reserve outage mode will allow us to call on the unit, if needed, during periods of high demand.

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“Western Australia has the most remote stand-alone energy system in the world and the supply of reliable electricity to residents is the highest priority.

“This will have minimal impact on Synergy staff and contractors working at Muja Power Station, where around five staff will be affected.”

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