MoU to help Aussie EVs go autonomous

ACE Yewt
The ACE Yewt

Smart Cities solutions provider SenSen Networks Limited has announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian company ACE Electric Vehicles Group to collaborate on developing autonomous driving capabilities for ACE electric vehicles to be manufactured in Australia by ACE.

ACE managing director Greg McGarvie was effusive in describing the collaboration with SenSen, stating this is a great opportunity for two clever, innovating Australian companies to demonstrate leadership in the development of a cleaner, more secure, cost-efficient and smart transport system.

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“Not only does the ACE vehicle bring back vehicle manufacturing and energy solutions to Australia, but as a world leader in AI and sensor technology, SenSen will provide its expertise to making our vehicles autonomous–a first for Australia!”

ACE is ‘production ready’ with German and Taiwanese Technology Partners.

Mr McGarvie elaborates on how he believes electric vehicles are the future, with so many opportunities.

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“Imagine driving a super-efficient electric vehicle, built locally in South Australia, with onboard collision avoidance systems, and the additional capability of a follow me, parcel delivery system, which like a good cattle dog, stays at your heels and pauses with you as you deliver packages,” he says.

“Visualise your super-efficient electric vehicle recognising you, then greeting you on your approach, unlocking the doors, then asking you where you would like to go.

“This is the future.”

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