NT Minister wants Alice Springs connected to national grid

Chief Minister Adam Giles
Chief Minister Adam Giles

The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has said he wants to connect Alice Springs to the national electricity grid, and will raise the issue at this week’s First Minister’s Forum in Adelaide.

Mr Giles said the recent South Australian Royal Commission process revealed parts of South Australia and Central Australia could benefit from being part of the national power grid.

“I believe there’s merit in exploring the feasibility of connecting Alice Springs and Coober Pedy to the national grid,” Mr Giles said.

“That would enable gas-fired electricity to be generated closer to known reserves and would encourage the development of solar farms, particularly as solar technology becomes more advanced.”

Acknowledging gas as the “obvious choice today”, Mr Giles added nuclear power could be viable in South Australia’s future.
“Most of us support renewable energy and the phasing out of coal-fired power stations, but there needs to be a cheap, low-emissions source of base-load electricity,” he said.