Turbine to have residential applications

Abilyn turbine

The missing piece for many residential renewable energy generators to become more self-sufficient will be released into the Australian market in the first half of 2021 in the form of a wind turbine.

The vertical wind turbines have application for residential, industrial, telecommunications and military.

Developed around the arctic circle and tested in university settings to withstand category 4 cyclones, the devices by Abilyn will require little to no maintenance in their over 30-year lifespan.

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“Generating energy from low wind speeds, with their stylish designs, and low noise levels (equal to an air-conditioning unit), these devices are perfect for residential and industrial applications,” an Abilyn release said.

“On an average day, our devices will produce electricity as solar does and have the added advantage of reducing the demands on the grid during the hours when solar is becoming or has become redundant. They will also extend the life span of household batteries.”

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Abilyn expect accredited solar installers will embrace this additional product to meet customer needs. The 3000W turbine will service many industrial applications, especially as they can be installed as close as three metres apart.

There are no issues with local government noise and height restrictions, and the company is working with regulators to meet installation and rebate requirements.

Watch this space for updates.