MAKO tidal demonstration launches in Singapore


An important milestone for renewable energy has been reached with the official opening of the MAKO Tidal Energy Site at the Sentosa Boardwalk in Singapore.

The official launch of the MAKO Tidal Energy Site on September 17 follows signing of a collaboration agreement between MAKO Energy and Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) in December 2018 that allows MAKO Energy to use a part of the Sentosa Boardwalk as a testbed site for the installation of tidal turbines.

MAKO Sentosa tidal
The deployment of the MAKO turbines at Sentosa

MAKO Energy is a Singapore-based marine renewable energy company and a subsidiary of the Elemental Energy Technologies Group. The site will demonstrate the unique, scalable tidal energy system under South East Asian conditions.

Elemental Energy Technologies Group CEO Douglas Hunt said the team is very excited to demonstrate its MAKO Energy System in Singapore to showcase the benefits of predictable renewable energy in tropical conditions.

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“A key objective for the tidal energy industry is to reduce the cost of electricity,” he said.


“At the Sentosa Boardwalk site, MAKO Energy is demonstrating how the unique scale of the MAKO allows it to be attached to existing infrastructure, which reduces both installation and maintenance costs.”

Enterprise Singapore’s (ESG) grant scheme has been instrumental in helping to hire local talent to implement this project.

MAKO Energy has also been collaborating with Dr. Srikanth Narasimalu of the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University, who will focus on resource studies in tropical waters. Similarly, MAKO energy will work with other institutes on specific topics such as eco system monitoring and data analytics.

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