Making digital utilities secure utilities

As utilities increasingly digitise their networks, they have access to more customer and asset data than ever before.

The critical question for utilities, more than ever, is how do they keep their digital assets secure? The last decade has been a period of rapid change for the utilities industry.

Metering technology is becoming mainstream, renewable energy is shaking up the energy sector, and customers are demanding more control and insight over their utility usage.

Utilities now operate networks that are enlightened, giving them access to the kind of data that allows them to manage their networks with greater precision than ever before.

But with the great privilege that comes with access to all of this information, there also comes great responsibility.

As utilities increasingly digitise their assets, they’re increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack.

Collecting billions of data points every year gives rise to many critical questions:

  • How can we protect our digital assets?
  • How do we keep our data safe?
  • Where is our data going?
  • How do we ensure our data stays in the right hands?
  • Whose data is it anyway?
  • How do we ensure that this data is only used to benefit utilities and their customers?
  • Where is the vulnerability in our networks?


These are the questions utilities around the world are currently grappling with, and here in Australia, it’s no different.

That’s why Utility is bringing together some of the country’s best data, security and analytics minds for Secure utilities: managing data in the digital age.

At this one-day event, being held on Thursday, March 23, at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne, you will learn:

  • Why your people are your biggest risk – and how to mitigate this risk
  • How to build high-performing security teams
  • The five critical factors to develop a security culture at your organisation
  • Key tips and insights from other industries, including banking
  • How to secure critical infrastructure from new-generation DDoS attacks


Speakers at the event include Mark Coughlin, Energy, Utilities and Mining Leader at PwC Australia; Professor Chris Leckie, Associate Director of the Oceania Cyber Security Centre; Jarrod Loidl, Domain Lead of the Security Enablement Program at ANZ Bank; Kaman Tsoi, Special Counsel at Herbert Smith Freehills; Scott Ceely, Managing Director of Seer Security; Rachel Zainey and Richard Sengmany, Principal Consultants at Enex Carbon; and many more.

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