Loy Yang has largest ever maintenance outage in preparation for summer

AGL's Loy Yang Power Station (Latrobe Valley Energy Hub)
AGL's Loy Yang Power Station in the Latrobe Valley

AGL‘s Loy Yang Power Station has safely completed a $98 million maintenance outage, the largest ever undertaken at the power station and mine.

Loy Yang power station’s Unit 3 and the mine’s Dredger 15 have successfully returned to service following upgrades and maintenance completed by more than 1,000 contractors over approximately eight weeks.

AGL chief operating officer Markus Brokhof said the maintenance works were crucial in ensuring energy reliability ahead of summer.

“The teams have faced some unique and challenging circumstances, with the Latrobe Valley experiencing some of the most severe weather it has seen in decades while also managing the ongoing impacts of the pandemic,” Brokhof said.

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“Given the challenges, we’re pleased that we have been able to employ hundreds of contractors from our local community, bringing a much-needed boost to the region after the last 18 months.

“Everyone involved has done an excellent job at managing the obstacles which will allow for efficient and reliable operations into the future.” 

AGL Loy Yang general manager Christo van Niekerk said the works included a major turbine and generator overhaul, as well as inspections and maintenance works on a boiler, gas pass, cooling water and electrical plants.

“We also utilised new, innovative technology called ‘HoloLens’ to conduct critical technical works under remote supervision,” van Niekerk said.

“This new technology saved time and reduced the safety risk that faces our people every day. I want to thank all our employees and contractors who have ensured safety remained the number one priority throughout the outage.”

Community organisations in the Latrobe Valley have also benefited from the outage, receiving more than $30,000 in donations from AGL Loy Yang and contractors through AGL Loy Yang’s Safety Awareness Scheme.

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AGL Loy Yang’s Safety Awareness Scheme is conducted during major outages and aims to encourage safe work practices by making donations to local charities when safety standards are met.

Morwell State Emergency Service (SES) unit controller Raelene Billingsley said the donation would help the SES undertake important work as well as being put towards equipment impacted by the floods.

“I think it’s awesome that these donations are linked to safety outcomes as our work focuses on people’s safety,” Billingsley said.

“The fact that this outage was carried out with no serious injuries means we haven’t had to come out here to Loy Yang, that’s the important thing, people aren’t getting hurt.”

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