Location announced for SA’s state-owned gas plant

The South Australian Government has identified Bolivar as the permanent location for the state’s publicly-owned gas power plant.

The power plant, launched as part of the state government’s $550 million energy plan, is set to be operational from summer 2019.

The nine GE TM2500 aero-derivative units will be located at the southern end of the Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant, adjacent the Moomba to Adelaide gas transmission pipeline and the SEA Gas transmission pipeline, as well as ElectraNet’s 275kV electricity transmission network.

SA Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said the plant is essential to “undoing the damage” caused by the privatisation of ETSA by the previous Liberal Government.

“We delivered the publicly-owned power plant at the temporary locations before this summer, and they will be installed at the permanent location at Bolivar from the summer of 2019,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“AEMO has said this power plant and our big Tesla battery has significantly improve security of supply in SA, and at its permanent location this publicly-owned generator will stand ready to protect households and businesses from unnecessary supply shortfalls.

“This is the first power plant South Australians have owned since Rob Lucas and the Liberals privatised ETSA.

“We launched our energy plan to fix the mess Rob Lucas created, and this publicly-owned power plant will help South Australians take back control of their energy future.”

The turbines have been connected to the grid at two locations – the former General Motors Holden site at Elizabeth and the Adelaide Desalination Plant at Lonsdale – since November.

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