Liquid battery technology has potential to reduce cost of renewables

A cost-effective storage technology to enable 24/7 renewable electricity is being pursued through a partnership between the Commonwealth’s national science agency, CSIRO, and battery liquid developer Boulder Ionics.

The project has the potential to create a local liquid battery technology with applications for a variety of battery storage uses, including renewable energy.

The CSIRO hopes the technology will reduce the cost of renewable energy technologies and boost Australia’s renewable energy sector.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) chief executive officer Ivor Frischknecht announced an investment of approximately $530,000 in Boulder Ionics through the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund, established under ARENA’s Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund Program.

Mr Frischknecht said the technology could greatly reduce the cost of ionic liquid production, which is currently a barrier to its commercialisation.

“Ionic liquids have the potential to provide a cost-effective renewable energy storage solution that improves energy distribution and enhances the safety and performance of battery storage,” Mr Frischknecht said.

“This investment will help commercialise Australian research in ionic liquids and catalyse an Australian subsidiary of Boulder Ionics. Boulder Ionics will bring its unique ionic liquid production method to experts at CSIRO who will use it to improve the way they make battery electrolytes.”

The Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund is a 13-year venture capital fund that was established under the Australian Government’s $100 million Renewable Energy Venture Capital (REVC) Fund Program.

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