Linc Energy acquires 10 per cent of hydrogen fuel cell developer 

Underground coal gasification (UCG) technology company, Linc Energy acquired 10 per cent of AFC Energy, a UK-based hydrogen fuel cell company, focused on the development and construction of low-cost hydrogen fuel cells for the cleanest power generation.

By exercising its option to acquire an interest in AFC Energy, Linc Energy has secured the perpetual global rights to the combined application of AFC’s fuel cell technology and its UCG process. This deal also provides Linc Energy with exclusive rights to the application of AFC’s fuel cell technology in combination with any industrial process within Australia.

Earlier this year, Linc Energy collaborated with AFC Energy to combine UCG and hydrogen fuel cells to generate the cleanest form of electricity, with the only by-product being water.

Linc CEO, Peter Bond said it was the first time that a hydrogen fuel cell had been successfully trialed with UCG and was a huge step towards the worldwide opportunity of combining UCG and alkaline fuels cells as a breakthrough technology for creating the cleanest possible power generation from coal.

“Linc Energy has been impressed by the rapid progress made by AFC Energy since partnering with them less than a year ago, including the successful trial at our Chinchilla facility in June this year,” Mr Bond said.

“We look forward to maintaining this rate of technical and commercial development, working together to fully commercialise smart, efficient fuel cell power systems on a large scale at UCG sites, with virtually no CO2 emissions.”

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