Launching Australia’s largest battery

Australia’s largest battery has arrived in Buninyong, south of Ballarat, and will be connected to the grid in the coming weeks.

CitiPower/Powercor has invested almost $8 million to install the 2MW energy storage system into a high voltage power line. The battery will reduce stress on the network, improve reliability of supply, reduce maintenance costs and, ultimately, lower costs for our customers.

Housed in a 40-foot shipping container, the energy storage system is capable of providing back-up power to approximately 3000 customers for an hour during a power outage.

When installed, the energy storage system will be able to run automatically to ‘peak shave’ load on the Powercor distribution line and automatically switch to back up power for residents in the event of fault on the grid resulting in a power outage.

The battery will also reinforce the grid and provide enough electricity support during peak demand periods and offset or delay power line upgrades. We expect that the battery will increase capacity of our existing electrical assets as well as extend the life of these assets, further maximising the use of energy storage on the grid.

“If successful, this will allow us to defer $4.4 million of capital upgrades to the traditional poles and wires network yet deliver an instant increase in reliability to the area,” Powercor said.

Powercor expects the battery to be fully-operational by mid-year.

Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio stopped by the battery site on March 30, together with Buninyong MP Geoff Howard and City of Ballarat Mayor Des Hudson. She commended Powercor for its vision in exploring new technologies, saying government and industry will watch the trial closely.

The storage system was manufactured in South Korea and recently underwent a series of intensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) in Chicago.