Large-scale energy storage collaboration

Innovative Brisbane company RedFlow and The University of Queensland (UQ) have announced a world-first demonstration of a new, large-scale energy storage system in conjunction with Australia’s largest and most powerful solar photovoltaic (PV) flat panel array.

The UQ 1.2 megawatt PV project, announced earlier this year, will cover several buildings at UQ’s St Lucia campus in Brisbane. It is due for commissioning at the end of 2010 when it will be the largest flat panel PV array in Australia and amongst the largest at any University around the globe. The facility will host a number of research projects associated with understanding how to optimise MW-scale PV systems and study the impact of such systems on the local electricity network.

RedFlow will be installing its newest energy storage system alongside one section of the UQ solar field. RedFlow’s new system, the RedFlow 200 (formerly with a working name of ‘X+BOS’) marks the company’s entry into the megawatt-scale class of energy storage systems. It is RedFlow’s major development project in the current financial year. The RedFlow 200 is a 200 kW packaged system which can deliver up to 400 kWh of energy and is based around 48 of RedFlow’s zinc-bromine battery modules. Development is mainly focused on the power electronics and control systems.