Landmark challenge to Clive Palmer’s Galilee Coal Project

Clive Palmer (galilee)
Clive Palmer. Image: AAP/Michael Chambers

The opening arguments in Youth Verdict and The Bimblebox Alliance’s human rights, nature and climate legal challenge to Clive Palmer’s proposed Galilee Coal Project will be heard from today at the Queensland Land Court. 

The Queensland Land Court will hear evidence from the plaintiffs that the Mining Lease and Environmental approval for the mine should be refused. 

Represented by the Environmental Defenders Office, Youth Verdict and The Bimblebox Alliance will argue coal from the mine will impact the human rights of First Nations Peoples by contributing to dangerous climate change.

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They will also argue the mine would destroy the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, which sits on top of the proposed mine site. 

First Nations people in Gimuy/Cairns and the Torres Strait Islands of Erub and Poruma will give evidence to the Land Court on Country and in accordance with First Nations protocols. 

The court will travel to the traditional lands of First Nations witnesses to hear first-hand how climate change is impacting their lives and what will be lost if climate change is worsened by the burning of coal from new mines, including the Galilee Coal Project. 

Youth Verdict’s First Nations-led argument is the first time a coal mine has been challenged on human rights grounds in Australia. 

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