Labor’s EV commitment to help pave electric future

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The Electric Vehicle Council has welcomed Labor’s commitment to investing in the nation’s EV changing network, which it says will help every Australian embrace the benefits of electric vehicles.

The Opposition unveiled its Driving the Nation policy yesterday, vowing to make electric vehicles more affordable and easier to charge while also tackling emissions caused by heavy transport.

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Opposition leader Anthony Albanese said that in addition to doubling the current $250 million Future Fuels Fund to $500 million, Labor would invest in EV charging infrastructure, make buying an EV more affordable, and fund what it is calling the Hydrogen Highway—a network of hydrogen refilling stations designed stations to encourage the uptake of the nascent technology by the heavy transport industry.

Labor’s investment in the EV Charging Network, with charging stations at an average interval of 150km on major roads, would be matched by the NRMA, and involve partnerships with state, territory and local governments.

EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari said the proposed investment would send a potent signal to consumers and the EV industry.

“Under Labor’s commitment you could be certain that no matter where you live or where you’re going you could get there in an EV,” Jafari said.

“We know range anxiety remains a major impediment to Australians purchasing EVs. Although much of this anxiety is misplaced, building a modern network of charging infrastructure would send a strong signal that there’s nothing to fear.

“City drivers are flocking to EVs because the benefits are so clear and obvious. For regional drivers hesitancy is stronger, but that’s why it’s excellent to see the NRMA committing to partnering with the federal government to roll out regional charging infrastructure and make EVs an option for all Australians.

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“Despite some very unfortunate fear mongering and a general lack of ambition at the federal level in recent years, Australians are now wide awake to the myriad benefits of EVs.

“If they can see the Australian Government is in behind this shift we will see a rapid acceleration of progress.

“The EVC congratulates the alternate government on this important commitment to Australia’s transport future.”

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