Key transmission maintenance delivers reliable electricity


Maintenance activities on high voltage transmission networks are vital, particularly when four million people rely on their performance.

With a transmission network spanning 1700km from north of Cairns to the New South Wales border, Powerlink uses a team of technical experts and specialist crews to safely and cost effectively maintain its easements, substations, towers and lines.

Powerlink chief executive Merryn York said recent proactive maintenance works were essential to maintain safe and reliable power supply to Queenslanders and keep power flowing to big industry connected directly into the transmission grid.

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“Our field staff covered millions of kilometres during 2018 to conduct essential maintenance and refit works, inspecting easements and ensuring substations were operating safely,” Ms York said.

“Our maintenance work includes using helicopters to inspect our towers and lines. This is the most cost effective way to inspect our network up and down the Queensland coast.

“During 2018, our helicopter inspections flew more than 5000 kilometres across the state and washed more than 3300 individual insulators.

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“Maintenance activities also extend to the land under or near Powerlink’s transmission towers.

“Our field teams have maintained more than 18,000 hectares of land throughout the year – equivalent to 1.2 million average sized Queensland backyards.

“Our maintenance activities are planned to ensure our network continues to maintain a safe and reliable supply in Queensland.

“We are particularly focused on ensuring we continue implementing cost-effective approaches to maintaining our network to keep downward pressure on electricity prices.”