Joyce calls for new coal power station

Barnaby Joyce coal power
Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce

Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has demanded the Morrison Government bankroll a new coal-fired power station, which the prime minister says is a “hypothetical debate”.

According to the Blue Mountains Gazette, Joyce called for a federal government funded coal-fired power station in Queensland, supporting six Nationals leaders who are calling for the coal station.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the Queensland State Government has no intention of approving such a project, leaving the issue a “hypothetical debate”

“Governments have to focus on what they will actually do and can actually deliver and that’s what I’m focused on, not in hypothetical debates,” he told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

“What actually can happen is the investments that we’re making in renewable projects and reliable projects.”

He added that reliable projects include Snowy 2.0 as well as the Marinus Link project.

Labor leader Bill Shorten says the market will prevent future coal stations from being built.