Jolywood and Golden Invest team up for solar projects

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Jolywood N-type Bifacial solar project in Australia

Jolywood Solar Technology has signed a cooperation agreement with the Australian solar company Golden Invest.

Jolywood has developed and manufactured N-type bifacial solar cells, and the deal will see the company penetrate the Australian market by providing local energy projects with the technology.

Under the agreement, Golden Invest will develop power projects with a total capacity of 100MW in Australia, which will exclusively utilise the N-type bifacial solar modules.

The cells meet their requirements, as they bolster stronger resistance to LID, maintain better performance under weak illumination and have a lower cost compared to other options such as P-type modules.

“We are thrilled to work with Golden Invest, which has rich experience in developing solar power projects in Australia,” Jolywood overseas sales general manager Cao Xiaorong said.

“This partnership is yet another recognition of the quality and value of our N-type bifacial solar products from a global company.”

This is not the first time Jolywood and Golden Invest have collaborated, with the duo completing a project together in Renmark, South Australia.

Golden Invest general manager Mark Yates has expressed great confidence in the future sales potential for the N-type bifacial solar modules in the Australian market.

Golden Invest is a leading Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company that also invests and develops solar energy and energy storage in Australia.

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