Jemena unlocks smart meter data

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Jemena has collaborated with Deloitte, to build a new cloud-based application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that delivers valuable insights from its smart meter data to help customers make better energy decisions.

Jemena delivers electricity to more than 360,000 residential and business customers across Melbourne’s north-west. By leveraging the cloud-based application, Jemena can better understand customer consumption habits, which has allowed it to personalise its communications to help support Victorian electricity customers during COVID-19.

Commencing in July 2019, Jemena and Deloitte, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Partner, collaborated to build an application on AWS, leveraging machine learning services including Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service that makes it easy to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly. Jemena and Deloitte used Amazon SageMaker to develop algorithms and machine learning models, which are applied to smart meter data collected by Jemena to uncover commonalities and differences in how its customers consumed electricity. 

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“We looked at consumption behaviours such as how customers’ energy use changes during the day, peak usage hours, and how weather conditions such as extreme heat impact energy use for our residential and small business customers,” said Andrew Davis, Jemena General Manager for Electricity Strategy and Commercial.

These consumption insights helped Jemena identify patterns in energy usage, and in turn provide more relevant communications and advice to their customers such as energy saving tips.

With more people required to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic to preserve the health and safety of the community, many customers are unaware of the extent of the increase in their energy consumption. Jemena is now leveraging the consumption insights generated by the application to deliver communications via SMS, direct mail, and email to tailor support to customers’ individual energy needs, empower them to take more control of their energy usage, and avoid the potential for bill shock. 

By using AWS services such as Amazon Athena to analyse large amounts of historical smart meter data, and Amazon SageMaker to gain more accurate customer insights into Jemena’s customer segments using machine learning, Jemena has also been able to identify at-risk customers who may not be digitally engaged, to ensure it can change its communications approach to direct mail so they are informed about their energy consumption.

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“With years’ worth of smart meter data sitting in our data warehouses, we looked at how to migrate this information to the cloud and use it in an intelligent way to empower our electricity customers at a time that they need it most,” Mr Davis said.

“Using these smart meter insights, we have been able to notify customers with significantly higher monthly consumption via SMS with a link to keep track of their energy usage through Jemena’s online customer platform, the Electricity Outlook Portal. Direct mail letters are sent to customers that have significantly decreased their energy usage with information about bill payment support and a free over-the-phone energy advice service.

“Our customers have told us they want more control over their energy consumption and more personalised communications. Working with Deloitte and AWS has allowed us to deliver this commitment to our customers. By changing the way we analyse our smart meter data and leveraging advanced machine learning technology, not only have we opened up new opportunities to support customers during COVID-19, it will also help drive our long-term strategy to improve the customer experience.”