Jemena to build North East Gas Interconnector

Jemena MD Paul Adams
Jemena MD Paul Adams

The Northern Territory Government has selected Jemena to build and operate the North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI), connecting the Territory’s vast gas fields to the east coast gas market.

The 623km pipeline will link Tennant Creek in the Territory to Mt Isa in Queensland, and cost around $800 million to construct.

Jemena managing director Paul Adams said the pipeline would fast-track development of the NT’s gas industry, with gas expected to flow to east coast markets from 2018.

“Building the NEGI will drive commercial exploration and development of currently untapped gas reserves, unlocking the next phase of economic growth for the Territory and helping build a stronger Northern Australia,” Mr Adams said.

“The pipeline is cost-effective and relatively quick to build, so it will support a strong gas industry for the Territory by getting gas to market at a competitive price, accelerating development of NT gas fields and helping create jobs and opportunities in the gas industry.

“As further reserves in the NT are proved up, we can expand our scalable pipeline to meet strong demand from east coast customers.”

Mr Adams said routing the pipeline to Mt Isa was the most efficient way to get gas to the east coast, as it reduced potential construction risks and required lower volumes of gas to be contracted to be viable.

“As soon as sufficient gas is proven in the NT, Jemena will seek to build a further link connecting Mt Isa to the Wallumbilla hub in Queensland. This will vastly improve the reliability of the gas transmission network by reducing sole reliance on Moomba as the hub for supplies. It will also introduce some much-needed competition into the east coast market, while accelerating the growth of the NT gas sector.

“By linking the Territory’s vast resources into the east coast network, NEGI will be the foundation of a more robust, competitive Australian gas market.”

To ensure remote communities benefit as much as possible from the NEGI project in the long-term, Jemena is also investing in training programs, Indigenous apprenticeships and a new Indigenous social enterprise in Tennant Creek to provide support services for construction and road maintenance projects in the area.

Construction of the NEGI is expected to be completed by 2018. Once completed, it will be known as the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP).

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