JA Solar supplies modules for SA Water project

JA Solar has supplied all solar modules to SA Water for its 4.14MW coastal photovoltaic project.

The project is part of SA Water’s efforts to achieve zero net electricity costs.

SA Water operates more than 27,000 kilometers of water supply pipelines and provides water services to more than 1.7 million customers across South Australia.

JA Solar’s PV modules will be used in the photovoltaic power plants of SA Water’s Hope Valley Water Treatment Plant, Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant to provide reliable and clean energy used for the safe transportation of clean drinking water and treatment of wastewater.

“JA Solar is committed to the research and development and mass production of high-efficiency PV modules,” JA Solar president and CEO Baofang Jin said.

“We look forward to providing more customers with high-quality products and services and promoting the development and application of renewable energy around the world.”

The project is under construction by Enerven Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SA Power Networks.