It’s time to get smart about energy storage

Under the theme, ‘thinking smart about energy storage’, the third edition of the Australian Energy Storage Conference will soon take place in Sydney. Across two days, this multi-stream conference will host 40 international and local speakers presenting innovative and intelligent solutions for the changing energy storage landscape.

Case studies will explore innovative energy storage solutions on buildings, in homes, and in communities, as well as large energy storage sites to manage demand at the fringe of grid.

A full day will be dedicated to utility level solutions both at a local and international level, showcasing the move to ‘grid 2.0’ and beyond. A key session will be held on transforming the business models of the major energy companies to take advantage of storage technology and, to open the debate further, day two will lead with a session on how intelligent energy storage systems define the future.

International guest Greensmith Energy Management Systems president and CEO John Jung will present on grid-scale energy storage. During his presentation, Mr Greensmith will present a case study of a 1MW behind-the-meter solar-integrated storage system on the island of Puerto Rico. By leveraging intelligent and flexible software, this site integrates multiple applications such as ramp rate control and easing island grid congestion, while improving the system’s return on investment.

SimpliPhi Power president and CEO Catherine Von Burg will present on micro grid deployment, safety, accessibility and power security in the age of climate change, cyber attacks and political uncertainty. The microgrid concept is able to address the integration of geographically dispersed energy resources, for both the local community and/or the utility, thus avoiding significant technical problems that may affect the security of operation. The SimpliPhi Power Maui Brewing company microgrid installation will be used as a case study to illustrate the topics discussed, which are also relevant for many Australian deployments.

Energy Storage will impact all levels of the Australian power generation sector, and the Australian Energy Storage Conference, to be held in Sydney from June 1-2, will lead the debate. For more information visit