Intellihub acquires NZ metering and data firm Influx

Intellihub New Zealand CEO Lindsay Cowley (right) with the Influx team
Intellihub New Zealand CEO Lindsay Cowley (right) with the Influx team

Australian and New Zealand smart metering and energy data services business Intellihub has acquired New Zealand metering solutions provider Influx Energy Data Ltd.

The Influx metering and data solutions business manages more than 125,000 smart and legacy Installation Control Points on behalf of all major electricity retailers in New Zealand.
It also provides a range of cloud-based services that can dynamically control home water heating and provide energy data, helping customers save on energy costs and better support electricity retailers and distribution networks.

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Influx was acquired from New Zealand electricity distribution business The Lines Company (TLC). Intellihub CEO Wes Ballantine said Influx customers would benefit from Intellihub’s advanced metering and behind the meter technology and investment support.

“Intellihub is the fastest growing smart metering and energy data provider across Australia and New Zealand,” Ballantine said.

“We are delighted to now add Influx to our group. We look forward to introducing its customers to our broader metering footprint and innovative investment path.

“We also welcome a range of highly skilled and committed professionals to our team.

“This is another acquisition that supports our goal of enabling intelligent energy use across the region.”

With the addition of Influx, Intellihub now manages more than two million smart devices across Australia and New Zealand on behalf of electricity retailers.

It recently acquired leading energy technology company GreenSync and the world’s first digital pool monitoring business Pooled.

GreenSync developed the cloud-based DER interoperability software known as DeX – or decentralised energy exchange.

DeX is a digital platform that enables DER registration, near real-time visibility and the control and data management required for Virtual Power Plant (VPP) participation.

Ballantine said the business was now installing 2,000 of its next-gen smart meter in homes and businesses each day across Australia and New Zealand.

“Our next-gen meter includes real-time, high-speed measurements with communications platforms that provide visibility, control, and better management of consumer energy resources,” he said.

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“This includes the increasing number of solar and battery energy storage systems, EV charging, water heating and pool pumps.”

“There is a great strategic alignment between Intellihub and Influx, and we look forward to supporting its clients to grow and innovate in what is a rapidly changing environment.”

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