Hydrogen heats up in Queensland

hydrogen fuel cell

Energy Networks Australia has welcomed the Queensland Government’s support for the development of hydrogen as an alternative clean-energy fuel source.

In response to the paper Advancing Queensland’s Hydrogen Industry, Energy Networks Australia CEO Andrew Dillon says the technology could play an important role as Australia moves to decarbonise gas and electricity and it was pleasing to see the Queensland Government’s interest.

“Hydrogen has enormous potential and on a national level we’ve seen states, energy networks, renewable energy bodies and universities invest millions of dollars into research and development and hydrogen pilot projects,” he says.

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“These investigations are looking at the production of hydrogen from off-peak renewables like solar and wind for injection into the gas network, giving us the potential for zero-emissions gas.”

Mr Dillon says the economic opportunities from the technology across a range of different industries were also exciting.

“Hydrogen’s potential as a new export fuel is a key focus of Dr Finkel’s report Hydrogen for Australia’s future and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has also recently committed more htan $22 million towards projects that support the export of hydrogen,” he says.

“The report found hydrogen exports from Australian resources could be worth an additional $4.3 billion to the Australian economy by 2040.

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“Hydrogen can also be used as a carbon-free fuel for transport and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are growing in popularity in Europe, America and Asia. The opportunities are significant and Energy Networks Australia welcomes the growing interest from state governments.”

A broad strategic plan for the development of hydrogen in Australia is being developed by Dr Finkel for consideration by the COAG Energy Council in December. Download the submission here.