Hydro Tasmania’s dams drop to lowest level yet

Gordon Power Station
Gordon Power Station

Hydro Tasmania’s dam storage levels have dropped to 13.6 per cent of capacity, a figure that just over a week ago was being touted as the lowest they would go.

It represents a reduction of 0.3 per cent in one week.

Energy Minister Matthew Groom said Hydro Tasmania was now advising storages would reach as low as 12 per cent by early May.

“This projection assumes that rainfall will only be equivalent to half of expected annual rainfall for April, similar to the rainfall Hydro’s catchment areas have received since the start of the year,” he said.

“Confirmation that Basslink has identified and removed the fault in the Basslink cable is good news. This provides more clarity and certainty around the estimated repair date, although of course there continues to be significant uncertainty in relation to weather.”

Basslink has indicated the Ile De Re will be back on site later this week to start the next phase of the cable repair process.

The Energy Supply Plan continues to be rolled out, with temporary diesel generation now operating at the George Town substation and at the Catagunya and Meadowbank power stations. It is anticipated by the end of the week a total of 107MW will be available.

“Work is also progressing on the second tranche of diesel generation, with 200MW of temporary diesel generation on track to be installed by the end of April,” Mr Groom said.

“The 58MW Rolls Royce ‘Trent’ gas unit has been successfully reinstalled and is operating at full output with no concerns or issues at present. This is another positive outcome having been brought back online several weeks earlier than anticipated. This is a consequence of the hard work of the employees of our energy businesses.”

Senate inquiry into the state’s energy crisis is due to start in the mid-April.

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