Hydro Tasmania commences cloud seeding program

Hydro Tasmania commenced its 2010 cloud seeding season in April. The season will continue through to the end of October.

Catchment areas to be seeded this year are Lakes Rowallan, Mackintosh, King William, St. Clair, Echo, Gordon and Great Lake.

Cloud seeding plays a small but significant role in boosting rainfall over hydro storages. A Monash University study found a consistent increase of at least 5 per cent in monthly rainfall over the seeded catchment areas.

Hydro Tasmania manager trading services, James Pirie said this year’s cloud seeding season would again be shorter than in recent years as a result of discussions with the West Coast community.

“While recent studies showed many community misconceptions about cloud seeding, the ongoing shorter program and this year’s decision to trial no seeding flights over the King catchment area come in response to community concerns,” Mr Pirie said.