Hotels get smart about energy use

The Intercontinental Double Bay

Tempus Energy has teamed up with the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) to help deliver carbon savings in several of their Australian hotels, starting with the Intercontinental Double Bay. IHG are becoming an industry leader in delivering a low carbon hotel experience with strong targets to reduce their environmental impact.

Using Tempus’ technology, IHG are automatically altering the time they use energy to align with available renewable energy on the grid. These actions fundamentally change the grid mix ensuring renewable power isn’t wasted and reducing the need for fossil fuel generation.

Tempus’ machine learning technology is enabling IHG to reduce its emissions immediately. These reductions come with strong environmental integrity as they are done directly without recourse to carbon offsets or other external instruments to meet emission reduction targets. This means more and more renewables can be supported on the grid.

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This software-only solution not only means that it is quick and cheap to get started but is also an easy solution to the intermittency problem Australia is facing with the increasing use of renewable energy. Being flexible has become much easier by leveraging decades of communication, sensor and control technology – only regulation isn’t keeping up.

Sara Bell, CEO & Founder of Tempus Energy said, “as large electricity customers take action for all of our environmental future, regulation will become increasingly irrelevant”.

“Flexible customers like IHG are leading the way by supporting renewables – this is an unstoppable trend,” she said.

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