Horizon Power update on the NWIS

Transmission tower and high-voltage lines (projects)
A transmission tower (Image: Shutterstock)

The Government of Western Australia intends to implement a new regulatory regime governing third party access to Horizon Power’s network within the North West Interconnected System (NWIS). This will be established by the Pilbara Networks Access Code (PNAC).

Horizon Power is seeking to support the reforms by proactively preparing documentation to support the new access regime. This includes documenting the processes and rules by which access applications will be assessed in the Horizon NWIS Network.

In November 2019, it sought comments from selected stakeholders on rules governing queuing for connection applications by publishing a Stakeholder Consultation Paper. These rules will contribute to an efficient and fair process for application assessment and management, particularly where there is competition for network capacity.

Horizon Power has considered the issues raised in stakeholder submissions and has responded to each issue raised. Responses are documented in the Response to Stakeholder Remarks on Consultation Paper.

Horizon Power has moved to draft preferred queuing rules within its user access guide and/or other connections processes and demand forecasting documentation.

The company will consult on network regulatory instruments as required under the PNAC and allow stakeholders with further opportunities to comment on the queuing rules in light of Horizon Power’s proposed approach on this and other, related design questions.

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