Horizon Power to provide SGDs to homes installing solar and battery

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Western Australia’s regional utility Horizon Power will be providing homes and businesses who install solar and batteries with ‘Secure Gateway Devices’ (SGDs) to ensure their smooth, secure and strategic integration into the grid in the north-west town of Onslow.

The issue of limited solar hosting capacity is a well-recognised challenge for electricity networks.

Horizon Power’s service area

In its 2018 Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO), the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) anticipates that in a ‘fast uptake’ scenario, nearly a quarter of all zone substations in Australia could reach the critical 40 per cent penetration threshold by 2025.

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The introduction of SGDs represents part of the solution to the challenge of high penetrations of customer-owned solar PV on the grid.

Horizon Power has selected Australian energy technology developer SwitchDin to supply the SGDs, which will provide feed-in management, demand management and battery management capability for individual sites. 

Under the three-year contract, homes and businesses in the north-west town of Onslow installing new solar and battery storage systems will be provided with a SGD.

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SwitchDin CEO Dr Andrew Mears said, “The SGD rollout will help to boost uptake of solar PV, battery storage and controllable loads on the network by allowing Horizon Power to ensure these customer-owned devices can be smoothly and securely integrated into the local grid’s operation.

“SwitchDin’s SGD will provide feed-in management, demand management and battery management capability for individual sites. It will provide Horizon Power with the ability to orchestrate these resources to maximise system-wide efficiency.

“The SGDs are highly secure, physically durable and versatile energy management systems. With an independent communications channel for utilities it provides an all-round robust arrangement for utility-grade deployments.”

The SGD can be managed via SwitchDin’s Stormcloud cloud management platform to build and manage virtual power plants for energy market participation and network services.