Horizon Power explores solutions to changing customer behaviour

The rapid rise of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), particularly rooftop PV and battery systems, is disrupting the conventional electricity supply model and creating new opportunities.

To accelerate the realisation of new market opportunities, Horizon Power is partnering with start-up specialist Pollenizer, to answer the question ‘how can DER be embraced to create the next generation microgrid’?

The answers may be found among a group of entrepreneurs who were selected to participate in an energy micro-hack facilitated by Pollenizer.

During the two-day event, participants pitched their ideas to a panel of energy experts for consideration.

General manager commercial services and finance Ben Hamilton said Horizon Power is embracing Pollenizer’s Startup Science as part of its strategy to drive high-tech innovation into Horizon Power’s existing microgrid business.

“This is a very exciting time for our business as we seek new market opportunities by embracing advances in data and digital technologies,” he said.

“We are harnessing the talents of Australia’s best entrepreneurs, purposefully selected to drive breakthrough innovation in energy through a three month intensive incubation program powered by Pollenizer’s Startup Science.”

Selected participants for the incubation are Darius Salgo, Grant Young and Jo Ucukalo.

The entrepreneurs were selected from the micro-hack, which was attended by entrepreneurs from all over Australia. Under the program, the entrepreneurs will participate in a three-month startup program run by Pollenizer and given the opportunity to work with Horizon Power to accelerate their energy startup and unlock market potential.

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